Personality. If I had to sum me up entirely into one word it would be personality.

Moving from Ohio to Southern California at the age of five I fell in love instantly. The weather, the people, the ocean! With Hollywood right around the corner naturally the acting bug hit me early, and I started performing in school plays. Unfortunately, my childhood wasn't the happy time it was supposed to be; Foster homes and homelessness would plague many of my developing years. Despite, or perhaps because of these hardships, the arts would always play a significant role in my life. Painting and drawing, dancing and singing, writing and language, and every so often acting.

I studied Antiquities in college developing my analytical mind and spending nights drinking with friends as we studied our Wheelock's -semper ubi, sub ubi! But it wasn't long before I found myself working in the real world and hating it. Despite excelling in the workplace I was often bored and downright miserable. It wasn't long before I knew I had to make a huge change. The kind of change you pour your entire self into. I was going to dive into the life I truly wanted. I was going to be a voice actor.

Always surrounded by incredible teachers, I knew I needed and could handle the best. Which is why I went straight to Nancy Wolfson. Her insights and tough love were exactly what I needed to bust into The Biz. Now I'm happy to say that I am doing what I love, whole-heartedly.

If you ask my friends to describe me they'll say things like "passionate", "intelligent", "the kind of gal I'd choose to be stuck on a desert island with." My friends are pretty awesome too.

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